Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is data processing life cycle?

Data Processing
Data processing is an important function that converts our data into meaningful information. In this process, difference calculations are performed. In recent time, most of data processing is done using computers. Data processing life cycle is collection of steps required to convert into information. Basically there are three main steps.
  • Input
  • Processing
  • Output
There are many other steps which are related to these steps. The complete data life cycle is give blow.
In this step data is collected from different sources.
In this step, the collected data classified into different categories.
In this step, the collected data is given to the computer as in input for processing.
The data given to computer is verified to make sure that data is correct and valid for processing.
The data is stored in computer in binary form. In this step data is converted into binary form so that it may be stored into computer.
It is easy to process sorted data. In this step the data is sorted in different sequence so that processing become easy.
In this step the processing on data is applied. Different calculation and formulas are applied on stored data to get the desired result.
Some time in spite of having all the stord data asummarized form is obtained. In this step data is processed in summarized form. For example a bank manager may ask for summary of the transactions done in the whole day.
The basic purpose of data processing is to generate desired information from the raw data. In this step the data is displayed on the required medium e.g. monitor pr printer.
If data is stored on storage devices like hard disk, in this step data is retrieval from the storage devices.
The information in this step is conversion into different forms like charts, graphs etc.
Some time information is required an different places,, In this step the information is sent to different places.
In this step, the comments are taken from the users about the data processing system and its output. This process is very important to improve the data processing system.


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